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The 158th Youth Academic Salon of CBEIS: Treatment of Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks

【Publisher】:生物医学工程与仪器科学学院【Time】:2022-06-20 【Frequency】:21

The 158th Youth Academic Salon of CBEIS was held on the afternoon of June 2nd, 2022 on and offline. Professor He Feifang, Chief Physician at Run Run Shaw Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, gave a lecture on the treatment of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks. Lin Hui, Deputy Dean of the college, presided over the event.

 Professor He emphasized the importance of CSF in supporting and protecting brain tissue and nerves. Since CSF leakage can pose a major health hazard by causing structural displacement and impaired function of the brain's nerves, it is still one of the difficulties in clinical diagnosis and treatment. Focusing on spinal CSF leakage, Professor He explained the clinical characteristics and current diagnosis and treatment techniques of this type of disease in detail. Based on his own experience, Professor He recounted the medical struggles of various spinal CSF leakage patients. These practices inspired him to start and devote himself to the public welfare and charity cause of treating patients with spinal CSF leakage.

After sharing his experience, Professor He Feifang raised the focus of the clinical diagnosis and treatment of spinal CSF leakage to the audience: Is the neurological impairment of patients with CSF leakage related to emotion and memory? At the same time, he hopes the diagnosis and treatments of spinal CSF leakage will continue to develop rapidly, so that the problem with such diseases will be solved more quickly, accurately and efficiently with minimal invasiveness, which is also the proposition and significance of the combination of medicine and engineering. In the exchange and discussion session, the teachers and students carried out in-depth and heated discussions on clinical solutions based on their own research directions.