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The First Provincial Big Data and AI Lab for Sleep was Established in Hangzhou

【Publisher】:生物医学工程与仪器科学学院【Time】:2021-04-21 【Frequency】:59

On April 17, the establishment ceremony of the Big Data & AI Laboratory for Sleep was held in Hangzhou. The Lab was founded by College of Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Science(CBEIS) and SIR RUN RUN Shaw Hospital of Zhejiang University(ZJU).

The Lab set up an expert committee, whose members are all famous experts and scholars in sleep medicine and computer science. The Chairman of the expert committee is Prof. Li Tao, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Psychiatric Association and President of Hangzhou Seventh People's Hospital.

As the first provincial-level laboratory in China that combines clinical diagnosis and scientific research based on big data and AI for sleep, the Lab will focus on the scientific research and clinical application of sleep physiological data, especially the automatic assisted diagnosis combined with AI.

Prof. Sun Yu, the newly elected Lab Director, and also a research professor of CBEIS, ZJU pointed out that the Lab was committed tobuild a standardized sleep research platform with domestic and international influence and make substantial contribution for the national health.

Dr. Sun Yi from the Run Run Shaw Hospital of ZJU was elected as the Executive Director of the Lab. As a clinician who has long been committed to the clinical and research of neuro-electrophysiology, Dr. Sun said that the establishment of the Big Data and AI Laboratory for Sleep would definitely provide a good platform for the accurate diagnosis of sleep diseases assisted by AI.

Finally, the establishment ceremony was successfully concluded in Prof. Li Tao's wonderful academic report. The establishment of the Lab marked a new step in the field of Sleep Medicine in Zhejiang Province.