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Employment, 2020

【Publisher】:生物医学工程与仪器科学学院【Time】:2020-10-12 【Frequency】:115

Zhejiang University one of China’s top higher education institutions, which is located in Hangzhou – one of China’s most picturesque cities, College of Biomedical Engineering and Instrumental Science (CBEIS) is located in Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University. It dates back to 1977 when Professor Lv Weixue set up the department of Scientific Experimental Instrument and Engineering, with corresponding master's and doctoral degrees and a postdoctoral research station. Our College adheres to the educational principle of “student-oriented, quality-priority, pursuit of innovative”. Our college has good conditions for scientific research and education. It has a number of key laboratory, such as “Biomedical Transducer National Special Lab”, “Key Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering, Ministry of Education”, “Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Cardio-Cerebral Vascular Detection Technology & Medicinal Effectiveness Appraisal”, “Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory for Network Multimedia Technology”. It also has a number of cross-research centers, such as  Qiushi Academy for Advanced Studies Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University Embedded Research Center.


1.    Hiring fields

Biomedical Engineering, Intelligent Medical Technology and Instruments, etc.


2.    Job titles

Qiushi Distinguished Scholar



Ÿ   The applicant should have the right political direction and a good work ethic.

Ÿ   The applicant should be influential in his or her coworkers by his significant research achievements. The ability to lead his or her field to stand out internationally is required.

Ÿ   The applicant should cooperative and be able to lead and manage a team.

Ÿ   Applicants from overseas should have reached or exceeded the level of Associate Professor. Domestic applicants should hold Professor or equivalent positions. He or she should be under 55 years of age by principle.


Working and Living Conditions

Four years of employment is set as one employment period. Good working and living conditions, as well as competitive remunerations and research start-up funds will be provided. Qualified applicants will be able to apply for housing arrangements.


New Hundred Talents Program



Ÿ   The applicant should hold a doctoral degree from a world-renowned university and should have reached the level of assistant or associate professor (or an equivalent title) at an internationally prominent university.

Ÿ   The applicant should be a proactive learner, who is professional with teamwork skills. At the same time, he or she should have the ability to conduct research independently.

Ÿ   The applicant should be a top-notch talent among his or her peers and have the potential to become a leader in the field.

Ÿ   The applicant should work full-time at ZJU and be around 35 years of age in general.


Working and Living Conditions

Applicants who meets our requirements will be employed as Research Professors of the New Hundred Talents Program and will be qualified to enroll doctoral students. Competitive renumerations and welfare and research start-up funds will be provided.


Post-doctoral Researcher



Ÿ   The applicant should focus on scientific research and complete the post-doctoral research assignments as planned.

Ÿ   The applicant can apply for China Post-doctoral Science Foundation or other research projects, and should work together with his or her co-supervisors on important projects, and publish papers on important journals at home and abroad.


Working and Living Conditions

Conditional funding is implemented based on the post-doctoral funding system consists of the university, the cooperative professors, the college and the society.

Ÿ   Special funding: Doctors graduated from top 100 universities of the world or well-known overseas universities, and other excellent doctors will be able to acquire an annual salary of RME 300,000.

Ÿ   Key funding: Salary for post-doctors overseas and doctors graduated form well-known overseas universities, National Double First-Class universities or subjects can reach RMB 180,000 .

Ÿ   Other remunerations: Teacher’s apartments with discounts on rent. Social insurance including endowment and medical insurance will be paid by the university.


3.    Contact


The applicants who meet the requirements are welcome to submit personal profile and three of the representative publications in five years, as well as future work plans.


Contact personTang Qin


Mailing addressRoom 211, College of Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Science, Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

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