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CBEIS Team Made Great Achievements in Internet Plus Competition

【Publisher】:生物医学工程与仪器科学学院【Time】:2019-10-14 【Frequency】:86

The 5thInternet Plus College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of CCB Cup came to a successful conclusion on 14th October. The competition aims to promote learning by competition, to cultivate new forces of innovation and entrepreneurship, and to promote and explore new ways of quality education.

On July 12th in Zhejiang division of the competition, the project Entertech – The Definer of Future Whole-brain Intelligence Industry from CBEIS, Zhejiang University won the champion with the highest score. Qianyi Technology -- Expert in Industrial Robotic Intelligence, another project from our college won the gold medal of the competition.

Entertech also participated in the Week of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It is the only whole-brain intelligence company that has been selected into the National Brain Science Project. In the final competition on Oct. 14th, China, the Entertech team of CBEIS won the second place and the Best Creative Award.

As the world's leading whole-brain intelligence company, Entertech represents China to expand its territory in the world’s brain-machine interface field. Entertech has successfully built a collaborative ecosystem of hardware and software with a core of cloud analytical algorithm services. It aims to achieve connection between every nerve of the brain and the outside world, and perfect integration of biological intelligence and artificial intelligence.


Gao Feng, Yang Qinmin and Zhou Hong, teachers of CBEIS, ZJU also deserve credit and thanks for their care and support during the competition.