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Experimental Teaching Center

【Publisher】:lxchen【Time】:2018-05-21 【Frequency】:272

Founded in 2000, Experimental Teaching Center of CBEIS is one of the first experimental centers to achieve the accreditation of the Undergraduate Teaching Experimental Center of Zhejiang University. It is engaged in the experimental teaching of biomedical engineering and instrument science backgrounds. It is a professional, comprehensive, open, innovative college-level “experimental teaching center”.

The experimental teaching center has five undergraduate teaching laboratories and has a construction area of 800 square meters. They are engaged in hardware, software and professional experimental teaching, and integrate scientific research and teaching.

The main features of the experimental teaching center include: medical instrument experiment teaching, engineering physiology experimental teaching, embedded system experimental teaching, open experimental management system, electronic competition training, and Zhejiang University student scientific instrument technology service center. The students trained by the center have repeatedly won outstanding results in national and provincial electronic contests. In 2007, it also won a national first prize and a national second prize.

Experimental teaching center teaching managers actively participated in the research and development of self-made equipment. The laboratory's open management method, which we developed ourselves, became a bright spot in the teaching evaluation of the Ministry of Education and was promoted.