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Teaching Centers

Scientific Instrument & Technology Center of Zhejiang University

【Publisher】:lxchen【Time】:2018-05-21 【Frequency】:273

Scientific Instrument & Technology Center of Zhejiang University (SITC) is built upon the maintenance group of the original instrument sience department founded by Dr. Lv Weixue, aiming to train students’ experimental abilities. With a history of about 30 years, the group was formally named as SITC at 2007. The center is hosted by college of BME & IS, the department of lab and equipment management, office of academic affairs and logistics group. Students build self-management innovation teams to develop all-around practical abilities and scientific research abilities.

The center believes in ‘self-management and campus services’. While enhancing students’ practical knowledge and study skill set, it actively helps the college labs with the repair and maintenance of the equipment. The teams formed by its members have gotten multiple awards in SRTP, Challenge cups, etc. And they won national first place and second place in 2007 national electronic design competition.