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Teaching Centers

Biomedical Engineering Teaching & Practice Base of Zhejiang University

【Publisher】:lxchen【Time】:2018-05-21 【Frequency】:267

The college’s practice bases consist of campus bases and off-campus bases. The campus bases are teaching and practice sites established in the college. It enables students to practice educational activities and provides different kinds of services for students. The campus bases include the Zhejiang University Students’ Scientific Instrument Technology Service Center and the College’s Experimental Center. The off-campus practice bases are built with the relevant enterprises and institutions jointly to complete the teaching task and to ensure the realization of the goal of personnel training. At present, a number of off-campus teaching practice bases have been established, including Zhejiang University Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, Zhejiang Hospital, Hangzhou First People’s Hospital, Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, the 117th Hospital of PLA, and five general hospitals affiliated to the School of Medicine of Zhejiang University. At the same time, we also specially recruited more than 20 clinical internship instructors with senior professional titles and rich practical experience, which greatly improved the guiding force and progress of clinical internships.